Friday, July 7, 2017


tile on the front porch of the house we stayed in

view of the street from the porch

classic cars everywhere

I bought this block of cheese from this man on the side of the road out in the countryside - it cost about $5 and he gave it to me with a block of guava paste, which is how they eat the cheese in Cuba - I gave the guava paste to our tour guide

sampling cigars at a farm in the ViƱales Valley

ice cream cart in Old Havana

Mom & I had coconut ice cream served in a hollowed out coconut shell - some of the tastiest ice cream I've ever had - we bought it off of the cart in the previous picture

art on the water tank at the cigar farm

in one of the many classic taxis we rode in

Plaza de la Catedral

a lovely tucked-away public garden, complete with bust of Hans Christian Andersen surrounded by bougainvillea - there were 17 friendly cats and kittens who live in the garden, and I was given a personal tour by the gardener (pictured above) who told me about every plant and tree and was glad I loved the cats

The National Museum of Fina Arts in Havana was great, and they had a show exhibiting the work of female Cuban film makers.  I had never heard of Ana Mendieta, but fell in love with her work - here is a link to some of her short films

Also loved the illustrations of Cuban artist Roberto Fabelo

Glass bottles at the beautiful Habana 1791 Perfume shop

Stained glass in the perfume shop atrium

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